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SONGS OF SAM- Just Like An Angel music video!


Palmroos Produktion is proud to collaborate with the renowned swedish singer songwriter "Songs of Sam" on the music video for his upcoming single "Just Like An Angel". Directed by Johannes Palmroos this conceptual video expands the musical universe that "Songs of Sam" has established and accentuates the powerful sound of one of the strongest new voices around in the swedish pop scene.


Release: 3 July 2015





Dead Vibrations -Reflections(Official Video)


The new single debut of swedish psych-rock group

Dead vibrations, Reflections, directed by Johannes Palmroos is now released! Dead Vibrations is part of a new movement in the forefront of the psych-rock and shoegaze scene in Stockholm and will follow up with more tracks later this year. In the meantime check out the video for "Reflections"!


Release: 1 September 2015




After many years working in the film industry within distribution and programming for film festivals Johannes Palmroos founded the production company Palmroos Produktion in March 2014.

Palmroos Produktion works with Nordic, Asian, German and French partners with the aim to produce transgressive cinema and audiovisual experiences for a global audience.

The first ventures have been emblematic for what is yet to come: a revolutionary feature film co-produced with asian partners, a music video for the Korean electronic artist MAD FRESH and a VHS-infused visual for the visionary Stockholm based techno-duo Mount Liberation Unlimited.


In 2015 Palmroos Produktion is created the upoming video for singer songwriter "Songs Of Sam" as well as a brand new followup video for Mount Liberation Unlimited and their new EP that is set for release this autumn.


In 2016 Two awaited projects will be released, the documentary "Kobbar" in collaboration with chinese director Zhou Yan and the short film series "In the Anticipation of the unexpected in collaboration with director Matthew Lessner.






MAD FRESH featuring Ida Long - Count on me


Mad Fresh is a producer and artist from Vertex Records in South Korea. In a unique collaboration with Palmroos Produktion the video for "Count on me" was shot in the city of Stockholm- nothing less than a classic Swedish love story.


Release: 29 March 2015



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