Our story

Palmroos Produktion gives consultation and production services to companies who are at the forefront of their industries and need to create high quality content on diverse platforms, socials and traditional mediums.

With 15+ years experience in the international market we’ll make sure that what we produce together holds the highest international standards.

Johannes Palmroos

Johannes Palmroos

Founder, producer and CEO 

Johannes Palmroos has worked in cinema for 16 years with 7+ years in programming festivals and 9+ years as a producer of the most exciting new voices of the medium. In 2014 he started Palmroos Produktion, giving production services to a wide range of clients.

He was previously the programmer of Stockholm International Film Festival, as well as for other festivals such as Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Paris and French Film Festival Stockholm. In 2007 he founded Seoul-Stockholm Korean Film Festival, the first film festival introducing South Korean film to a wider audience in Sweden, before it was yet a worldwide phenomenon.

International projects includes France, Canada, South Korea, China and more, with a specific target of helping international creators coming together to create new stories for the 21st century and Web 3.0.

Palmroos is also a lecturer on film with a deep knowledge of Asian Cinema and a love for the French New wave of the 1950’s.  

Previous work and studies
Jury and mentorship assignments
  1. The beginning

    In 2014 Palmroos Produktion is founded by Johannes Palmroos with the goal to make better, more edgy and more exciting films within the nordic film landscape.

  2. In anticipation of the unexpected by Matthew Lessner

    In anticipation of the unexpected

    Film project with American Sundance awarded director Matthew Lessner that gathers a number of shorter film into a larger body of work that tours different art spaces over a period of 7 years.

  3. Kobbar by Zhou Yan


    In 2016 Palmroos co-produced the feature documentary Kobbar directed by Zhou Yan, depicting the prison-art project lead by Cecilia Jansson at the Kumla Facility in Sweden.

  4. Co–productions

    In 2017 Palmroos Produktion ramped up co-productions with Canada and J. Palmroos participated as a jury member in Vilnius International Film Festival

  5. Taiwan Lecture on swedish film

    In 2018 J. Palmroos was invited to Taiwan to lecture about Swedish cinema at the National Taipei University. This in line with the long term goal to facilitate co-productions between Nordic countries and Asia

  6. mountliberation1

    Mount Liberation Unlimited

    Music video with Swedish electronic duo Mount Liberation Unlimited.

  7. Oblivion's End

    In 2020 the short film Oblivion's End, produced by Palmroos and directed by Nikolaj Heinius was screened as well as competed in
    film festivals such as Beijing International
    Short Film Festival, Equinoxio and more.

  8. Meat Money by Nikolaj Heinius


    In 2021 Palmroos received the second round of development funding for the feature KÖTTSTÅLARS (Meat Money) and will finish the script and continue production in 2022.


    In november of 2021 Palmroos Produktion was awarded a grant form the Swedish Art Grants committee together with director Matthew Lessner, to produce the exhibition HYACINTHE, to premiere end of 2022.


Producing the interactive exhibition “HYACINTHE” directed by American director and artist Matthew Lessner in 2022. 

Preparing  ”MEAT MONEY”, a fiction feature directed by Nikolaj Heinius. The project has received development funding from SFI aMD FIS. 

Ongoing 2020-2023 producing the video podcast Electronic Talks together with Nanofilm which is also hosted by J. Palmroos with 29 episodes and countinG, including both live interviews and performances. 

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