In november 2021 Palmroos Produktion was awarded a grant from the Swedish Art Grants committee, together with director Matthew Lessner, to produce the exhibition HYACINTHE.  The primary theme to be explored within the project is the influence and impact of perception, or state of mind, on what is experienced as reality. This will be done […]

In 2021 Palmroos Produktion received the second round of development funding for the feature KÖTTSTÅLARS (Meat Money) from the Swedish Film Institute and regional fund “Film i Skåne”. The final version of the manuscript is being finished spring 2022 in order to move forward into the next phase of production in the upcoming year. Director […]

OBLIVION’S END – Short film directed by Jonathan Nikolaj Heinius, produced by Johannes Palmroos in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of Dramatic Art. In 2020 the film was screened as well as competing in film festivals such as Beijing International Short Film Festival, Equinoxio and more. An unexpected connection between a decadent aristocrat, with past […]

SAINT Y2K invites participants to make a series of choices, which can lead to thousands of possible combinations in real-time. It is an interactive and active encounter between the viewer and a work of art. A custom program has been designed to dynamically assemble hours of filmed and animated material ad infinitum by combining user input with […]

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