Meat Money by Nikolaj Heinius

Meat Money

In 2021 Palmroos Produktion received the second round of development funding for the feature KÖTTSTÅLARS (Meat Money) from the Swedish Film Institute and regional fund “Film i Skåne”. The final version of the manuscript is being finished spring 2022 in order to move forward into the next phase of production in the upcoming year. Director Nikolaj Heinius is exploring an exhilarating story in the underbelly of Malmö, a city on the southern coast of Sweden with a view of Copenhagen on the other coast. The protagonist Darcia tries to live life on her own terms despite the challenges she faces from jumping between jobs and family obligations. This fiction feature is the debut feature of Nikolaj Heinius, who previously directed the short film “Oblivion’s End” in collaboration with Palmroos Produktion.