OBLIVION'S END by Nikolaj Heinius

Oblivion’s end

OBLIVION’S END – Short film directed by Jonathan Nikolaj Heinius, produced by Johannes Palmroos in cooperation with the Swedish Institute of Dramatic Art. In 2020 the film was screened as well as competing in film festivals such as Beijing International Short Film Festival, Equinoxio and more.

An unexpected connection between a decadent aristocrat, with past nazi-affiliations, and a German-Jewish doctor who is practicing illegally, leads to the retrieval of a repressed memory from the military service on the German transports through Sweden. Authentic archive material is interwoven with an expressionistic Stockholm. A film noir from the Swedish 1940s.

In the main roles we see acclaimed Swedish actor Göran Ragnerstam, Mattias Malmros and Emilia Roosmann.